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== Introduction ==

 Tejaban is a small village. It is 70KM far from Turbat city near Kel-Kor. Kel-koar is a river which is also known as Kech-Koar . Agricultural activities in Tejaban are possible due to Kech-koar. But this river results many problems as will. Lack of Safety Band results dangerous consequences in heavy rain seasons as water enters into agricultural lands and destroying the crops. The Word Tejaban means a lot of water.

 Tejaban is one of the best places as it is blessed with water. Tejaban is surrounded by mountains and rivers and it is between two villages Hironk and Hoshab. Lot of water and beautiful weather make Tejaban ideal for agricultural activities.

 == Agricultural Activities ==

 Agriculture is the backbone of Tejaban; maximum earning is directly or indirectly connected with agriculture. Agriculture is done through KAREZ system (as explained in the following paragraphs). Some of the agricultural lands are owner-cultivated while others are given to 2nd parties on sharing basis (In Balochi Sharekki). The share of owner is 2/3 while the share of cultivator remains 1/3.

 === Various Crops are cultivated ===

 Various crops are cultivated in Tejaban. The list of crops being cultivated is long but some famous crops are Rice, Date, Bakla, Wheat, Onion, etc. All these crops are produced in bulk quantities but the specialty of Tejaban is Date. The Cultivation of Wheat totally depends on rains as it is cultivated in Bands (Bands are agricultural lands which are not connected to Karez system and watering of these lands is done directly from river). In the absence of rains, the level of the water become very low and sometimes becomes zero. So the formers are unable to cultivate wheat.  

 === Processing of Dates ===

 Many crops are Cultivated in Tejaban but the specialty of Tejaban is Date. Date Season (from May to August) is very much enjoyed, especially the children as it is their vocations. People from many areas come towards Tejaban for Aamin( the process of collecting dates is called Aamin). They live in temporary camps and return to their homelands as soon as date season comes to an end. People of Tejaban are very hospitable. They welcome people coming from various areas for Aamin(Date Season).

 Many kinds of Dates are produced like Begam-jangi, Haleeni, Mozzati, Rogheni, Peeshna, Shakari, Gog-na, Aap e dandan, Kongo, Chapshok, etc. The best date is Begam-Jangi as it is very tasteful and can be store for a long period. These dates are sold in big markets. Main markets are Karachi and Quetta. These dates can be made better, if facilities are provided to the formers. A date processing unit is much needed in these areas.

  === Karez System ===

 As said earlier, In Tejaban agricultural activities are done through Kareez System. Karez is a local system in which a large number of wells are interconnected to gain water. Water flows in the form of channels, which is then used for forming. The best thing about this system is, it saves energy. As, neither form of fuel is used for forming unlike tube-wells.

 Main Kareez( Kahn) are Peerin Kahn, Gul Mohd e Kahn, Chammagan, Jumma kahn, Peer Mohd Kahn, Sabzal e Kahn and Meer e Khan. The oldest one is Peerin kahn as its name suggests. Peerin means the oldest.  Once, Water was divided among the formers on the basis of TAAS (A Bowl type thing having a hole in the bottom). Taas was put into water and the time for one former over as the Taas fills up. But now watches replaced that system.

 == People of Tejaban ==

 === Hard Working and Helpful ===

 People of Tejaban are very simple and hard working. They are helpful and are always ready to help each other. They stand by each other in good and bad days. Whether it is a weeding or death, they hold the hands of each others. They are very hard working, taking care of animals, collecting dates from date trees, digging wells, etc. All these jobs need lot of energy and hard work. Not only men but women also Participate in these chores. Women besides doing their household jobs help the men in earning money. They also play a vital role in date processing. They earn a substantial amount of money from embroidery. The needlework of Tejaban is very popular and it is liked every where from Turbat to Karachi.

 === Culture ===

 The people of Tejaban love their culture and they often arrange programs to promote their culture. 100% of the population speaks Balochi language and their religion is Islam. Most of the people and especially the older ones have CHADER on their shoulders and PAG on their heads. These are the symbol of Balochi Culture. The younger ones wear long SHALWAR and small KAMEEZ to show their love for culture. Some even have CHADER on shoulders as well. The women also fallow the culture. They wear full Balochi dresses. Theses dresses are mostly full of embroidery.

 == Education and Health ==

 Now Education and Health, there are only three primary schools (two for boys and one for girls) and one middle school (but it is not properly staffed). There is also a hospital but without doctor (just a building for hospital). A rest house was provided to Tejaban but with no facilities.

 == Hunting ==

 People of Tejaban love to Hunt. Some of Huntting Points are Tejaban a mulk, Seheen Kahoor, Kalgalo, Rongan e Aap, Gwapi e Aap, Sore Aap and Karki Jangle. The best hunting period is August to October. It is the period when Rice, date and Wheat crops become ready. The birds are hunted when they come to eat these crops. Tejaban a mulk, Seheen Kahor and Kalgalo are the points where birds come to eat crops. Other points are the one where the birds come to quench their thrust. Rongan a aap, Gwapi a aap and Sor a aap are the points where birds come to drink water.

 == Picnic Points ==

 There we have picnic points as well; people from many areas come to these points. Some of the picnic points are Gar e Bon (Rongan), Gwapi, Sor e Aap, Nasht, Janzat e Koh and Jattandar. People manage to get time from their busy schedules to visit these beautiful picnic points. Gar a bon is the best as water falling from Mountains is very loveable to watch. 

 == Full of Resources ==

 Tejaban is full of resources. People of Tejaban are blessed with many resources; most of the daily use items are available for zero cost. They have cows and goats for milk, goats for meat. Chicken is also locally available. They have wheat, rice, onion etc. Beautiful weather is the trade mark of Tejaban.   

 == Sub-Areas of Tejaban ==

 Main areas of Tejaban are Syed-Aabad, Meer Karim Bakhash Bazar, Faqeer Mohammad Bazar, Sing-Aabad and Karki. Some of small areas are Majboor Bazar, Gwarkopi Bazar, Dil Ganok and Aaptari. Tejaban is surrounded by a long range of mountains. The highest mountain ranges are Janzat and Mok e sar.

 == A special Mention ==

 Writing about Tejaban is incomplete without '''Mr. Kareem Bakhsh''' (Late). He will be always remembered due to his noble deeds. He was helpful, kind and he did a lot for the people of Tejaban. He also helped outsiders visiting Tejaban. His hands were open for donations. Many Date trees are donated by him to poor. May Allah bless him with its kindness and mercy (Amin).

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